Bathroom suits supplied and fitted by Chris West

Bathrooms and Showers

BathroomsBathroom design and construction is one of the most important features of a house. A bathroom should be a clean and restful space where you can refresh yourself. If you are buying or selling your house the bathroom is always a main point of focus.

Bathroom Installations

Bathroom design and installation is the biggest part of my work from year to year. I aim to provide each client with the bathroom they aspire to, irrespective of the budget available.

Any make and shape of bathroom suite is available to you. I will be happy to visit for a chat about your design and then to give you a quote for the work.

The work will be designed to suit your budget. Clients are welcome to provide materials if this is the preferred option.

Bathroom suites can be chosen from any range and any supplier. Typically they range from £200 to £1000 excluding taps.

Tiling will be entirely your choice taken from the huge range of tiles, features and borders, most of which is available locally. Basic tiling costs around £40 per square metre in labour.

Some bathrooms can be upgraded with a shower installation, a new suite or some re-tiling.

There is a range of storage units, worktops and clever solutions to storage in smaller bathrooms available.

bathroomsYour bathroom can be totally remodelled to suit your ambitions.

On larger projects, payments can be staged as work progresses. Usually this consists of;

  1. Payment for materials once they are on site.
  2. Payment for labour once the work is complete.

BathroomsBathroom Repairs

Leaky basins and toilets can usually be repaired. Toilet inlet valves and siphons can be replaced, usually within a one hour visit.

Taps can be replaced and washers /cartridges changed also within one hour.

Bath panels can be replaced. Seals around baths and showers can be cleaned and replaced to make them water tight.

Some showers can be repaired or serviced to bring them back to good working order. If not, any shower can be replaced with a brand new model. All makes are available from Aqualisa to Triton.

Bathroom tiling can be removed and replaced to freshen the look of your bathroom.

Rates are £40 for the first hour and then £30 for each subsequent hour. No VAT is currently charged. Any job which amounts to a days work or more can be quoted in advance with no obligation.

Shower Installations

Showers can be installed over baths with the addition of screens and curtains using a wide selection of the latest products from top manufacturers. Shower cubicles can be installed in place of baths or in other spaces if drainage can be provided. Various shower types can be installed
depending on how hot water is available.

Any shower can be quoted for and clients may also supply a shower to be fitted if preferred.

To contact Chris West please call 01488 648018 or 07775 646124, alternatively email